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ab0a73b0 Shkiper transfer 10.104 GBG to c99f013ae08e441f9c0
b3d093d3 Zesty transfer 100.052 GBG to 035ef7bd62fc48f488e
9672db50 Bittrex transfer 481.173 GOLOS to
f84e2457 Sept transfer 383.511 GBG to d4f8a39c8b4344528d1
9ac00722 Sibiryak76 transfer 0.084 GBG to 0ed7816689fd4436915
30cf0cf2 Sibiryak76 transfer 0.137 GBG to 0ed7816689fd4436915
a2ab1561 Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
a2ab1561 Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
33a4c245 Spinner transfer 650 GBG to 25688086f36945eaba0
1a99a47b Lehard transfer 40,002.511 GOLOS to c79d818bd07c43fa9d5
51f4020f Tarimta transfer 5,000 GOLOS to b5396a8edb2445be929
9668de77 Rudex transfer 402 GBG to b2fa62d754824d88ad9
a64c2bfe Tarimta transfer 5,000 GBG to bb465a7649794cb496a
c659b5ec Francuzzz transfer 57.451 GBG to 143f64be5eef440899c
79e46e38 Maria9 transfer 106.780 GBG to 75f2e1f0009f460d8a8
dd3b40d3 Lil4a transfer 400 GBG to cb32d27d9c8e4d71bd7
866763da Kunaio transfer 3,074.854 GBG to 63488103984c4936b0f
fb379ec2 Sergiy transfer 753.892 GBG to 3c5b6f43115f4bd9ae7
e7247bfa Cryptostock transfer 2.440 GBG to 143f64be5eef440899c
08175d87 Bittrex transfer 93.206 GOLOS to
802d8894 Mariya lorenz transfer 62.355 GBG to 5c2cb228b6d74d20945
ebd16352 Kunaio transfer 603.799 GBG to b7440b6ec738434384b
02f04bed Jang transfer 70 GBG to 614f93edd54e4b7eb19
83562452 Wedge transfer 133.115 GBG to 7ec6ec8200f3469998b
d412b68f Rudex transfer 165.517 GBG to 7ec6ec8200f3469998b
4afacbc0 Francuzzz transfer 30.309 GBG to 143f64be5eef440899c
fb512f52 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
2c09c821 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
bde8daa2 Maria9 transfer 102.825 GBG to 75f2e1f0009f460d8a8
385a53ce Bittrex transfer 91.990 GOLOS to
706fe14f Bittrex transfer 99.990 GOLOS to for you
722e6460 Per asperum transfer 550.365 GBG to e824fd6d8a344346a2a
b9016cd8 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
b553e983 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
3740b688 Maria9 transfer 77.176 GBG to 75f2e1f0009f460d8a8
4fa267b3 Bittrex transfer 66.880 GOLOS to
5f8ed264 Francuzzz transfer 57.537 GBG to 143f64be5eef440899c
77a0b304 Enki transfer 10,000 GBG to 6970247593dc42599a4
4b220d69 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
59ee7115 Francuzzz transfer 4.280 GBG to 143f64be5eef440899c
81e45903 Lavendertea transfer 100 GBG to 0ed7816689fd4436915
40141518 Zov transfer 20.030 GBG to 143f64be5eef440899c
2bab25fd Priya108 transfer 92.029 GBG to c1b88f3ce657496084a
f30fd8ce Maria9 transfer 0.001 GOLOS to 363ea3d61fe4434bb48
c2b2ed29 Maria9 transfer 0.001 GBG to 75f2e1f0009f460d8a8
6a523000 Snake911 transfer 95.740 GBG to 134e1f10548f4b79acd
71ddd6c6 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
1347eeb4 Bittrex transfer 267.837 GOLOS to
f92d9b2b Dhrms transfer 480 GBG to 484df7270768438b9e5
b3f17305 Francuzzz transfer 23.192 GBG to 143f64be5eef440899c
1e2a7d30 Bittrex transfer 74.990 GOLOS to for you
ff8c6fda Kukusru transfer 2,200 GBG to b6cd534495a34fd1814
ffbcc042 Anima transfer 279 GBG to 421dbad2f15f4d78a97
ce1ef258 Bittrex transfer 99.990 GOLOS to
0ccc4cbd Fair transfer 87.200 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
c72a24e9 Elviento transfer 204.865 GBG to 85fa1582dbd54fb0bce
ef63aab4 Elviento transfer 1,637.325 GOLOS to 5470bb925ccc441d8f3
8adec9dc All91 transfer 249.913 GBG to a6a8a312054b4b199c1
ace48b71 Kunaio transfer 171.896 GBG to d1541309a3854004a32
53128974 Bittrex transfer 170.940 GBG to
7533f60e Bittrex transfer 9,399.990 GOLOS to
c9a74842 Genyakuc transfer 10,000 GOLOS to 531c5adb59d24b92afa
16ab3a1d Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
16ab3a1d Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
ab34e178 Smotritelmayaka transfer 432.760 GBG to 0e0c6f4ad43e48a4ab1
167cc977 Lavendertea transfer 5.064 GBG to 0ed7816689fd4436915
abcbd055 Sibiryak76 transfer 7.460 GBG to 0ed7816689fd4436915
2b98b010 Nastyalevsha transfer 255 GBG to 966920d66d024f388f9
60457e2a Bittrex transfer 50.147 GOLOS to cryptodream
5660b5e5 Dark.sun transfer 71,068.281 GOLOS to 2827e6a3c8344ab8b3e
7d667a05 Bittrex transfer 50.910 GBG to GLS8ELDFZ21g61b7UGSK1CH7sgi1Xs7PUka7qq8QDZEajHrmBaZ1N
de9b1514 Fair transfer 149.254 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
e1e45005 Mikhailov transfer 28.619 GOLOS to 5d8df0809b0643e2967
7d7fb51a Irinadob550 transfer 318.842 GBG to dd375ba7925a45b6a15
8a3149c9 Anna vitalevna transfer 54 GBG to 2e66b89a516e49a08cd
30ff7984 Mikhailov transfer 96.765 GBG to 7c198a0966754154bd4
8aab45af Livecoin transfer 400 GOLOS to b528c6d35b4c4afcad6
c7e64117 Wind33 transfer 101.301 GOLOS to 831575051fc747d99c5
f4e3f14b Olegst transfer 165 GBG to 4e5d9d374f7c412f843
0390a3ef Marfa transfer 343 GOLOS to d8314fa7d01748fbbdb
81227765 Dmilash transfer 340.095 GBG to 38b03b545bf641ae9a2
3c90cfc1 Dmilash transfer 290 GBG to 68cd8cfa570e4f1bb17
bfb764e9 Sveta1991 transfer 2.376 GBG to d31a400764d54ad29b0
4cdae6a3 Bittrex transfer 79.026 GOLOS to
a72577a3 Multitool transfer 78.143 GOLOS to f35c8ce481c24637917
f1d2a776 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
6fec2fcb Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
a491dae8 Fair transfer 93.637 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
c3cf50e7 Nesmeliy transfer 188 GBG to 5df22b87bbee47c98f0
ba2b5c75 Igor1966 transfer 100 GBG to cb5c18fab48c4af0b16
1b81d390 Igor66 transfer 75.181 GBG to ecaeda793fa44782883
32420478 Bittrex transfer 81.025 GOLOS to
1c10aaaf Mishka transfer 300 GBG to 6778eb3f0942457ea54
e6c35db1 Abloud transfer 100 GOLOS to 85a76ab6e2cb414bb97
4e51f3bc Tapeur transfer 110.689 GBG to 60e8e3286ba84da88a6
5771fd3e Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
5771fd3e Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
87cfa359 Oldanecdote transfer 61.258 GBG to f9a5b51602cf4678a65
5d45027b Arey1983 transfer 305.343 GOLOS to c7836be5d366432a854
c3cf8c82 Arey1983 transfer 38.316 GBG to 209738ad9c6e40d4bee
1e7897e2 Bittrex transfer 1,326.990 GOLOS to
20302aa1 Bittrex transfer 0.990 GOLOS to
e406af25 Bittrex transfer 82.543 GOLOS to
02cf3ae9 Sergiy transfer 1,000 GBG to 3c5b6f43115f4bd9ae7
e3b065c3 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
935b68de Fair transfer 72.086 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
1938bbf4 Sergiy transfer 3 GBG to 3c5b6f43115f4bd9ae7
36acdced Vp bodyform transfer 130 GBG to 866d9a9612ae4005a6e
434c068b Nims55 transfer 68.221 GBG to d5cc3555cbbf4a949ba
b9b9bbbe Konstantin transfer 700 GBG to e6b9b6f9ae234020924
9a17c286 Bittrex transfer 82.370 GBG to 4162gw-ba0a-qqzzv4tr-s02hjs3s
b14d0bf9 Gildar transfer 647.581 GBG to 866d9a9612ae4005a6e
0059e937 Vasa transfer 61.631 GBG to 3c1d5ffe4c0448a7a6d
4eaee460 Pioner777888 transfer 500 GBG to aa59d14137ec4a818b8
cdca60c1 Rblogger transfer 1,073.340 GBG to f8e448a296c047f49d4
bd000cfa Rblogger transfer 61.220 GBG to f8e448a296c047f49d4
99c3fbd2 Kssenia transfer 58.850 GBG to ebee23c6408a4769a99
73ea0d0a Ivanovayulia transfer 20 GOLOS to d281b7a4d67b49c9b8e
15046e8a Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
15046e8a Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
6e37abfc Ivanovayulia transfer 150 GBG to 20edd2436a8349119bc
a0cfdc01 Bittrex transfer 119.980 GOLOS to 7183e9991f1e3c3a9e8567f6c02cc500
059450ab Bittrex transfer 59.516 GOLOS to
604ff366 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
e72b657e Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
499402c5 Fair transfer 71.735 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
20bb6296 Firestarter transfer 300 GOLOS to 6a04656229af410da26
ed1b10ed Bittrex transfer 4.990 GOLOS to
365de232 Bittrex transfer 10,510 GOLOS to
d7b56880 Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
d7b56880 Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
05c78a85 Alexko transfer 309.451 GBG to 7d03793e1be74c048b9
3f41eeb7 Kotik transfer 10 GBG to 2d82169b441a45578ba
60647a7f Dmilash transfer 170 GBG to 68cd8cfa570e4f1bb17
0f908586 Kotik transfer 1 GOLOS to 4b94043bfe064cbba03
67641f51 Dlina v metrah transfer 1,017.501 GBG to 781335bf004646edba9
a5707a5e Mahadev transfer 700 GBG to 50c50e83f92c4026920
c76fd1ad Bittrex transfer 29.990 GOLOS to
2530e700 Priya108 transfer 229.876 GBG to c1b88f3ce657496084a
4ea3600d Igor66 transfer 25 GBG to ecaeda793fa44782883
63e9c6a3 Oldanecdote transfer 35.229 GBG to f9a5b51602cf4678a65
5a315bee Igor66 transfer 35 GBG to ecaeda793fa44782883
f9fdace0 Bittrex transfer 93.690 GBG to
53516eb7 Yefet transfer 0.243 GBG to 29a800339ed348388a2
1a57f734 Radagast transfer 548.153 GOLOS to 75ca36e74a824dbc9cb
6d01fd2a Violettak2 transfer 111.897 GBG to 9a1cd078a3604bf9ba4
e059838a Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
e059838a Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
6033a0fd Pioner777888 transfer 500 GBG to aa59d14137ec4a818b8
89ced5c5 Multitool transfer 50 GBG to df7df9122d9442dcaf3
de7c5d3a Frocush transfer 19.014 GBG to 96a0ee1eb23744eb87f
593bfe68 Sept transfer 196.050 GBG to d4f8a39c8b4344528d1
3057bc37 Rudex transfer 2,053.979 GOLOS to d667443668894726b21
574df8a6 Oksanasemenova transfer 238 GOLOS to 816975de16094f86b8b
5d216dcc Vasa transfer 70.069 GBG to 3c1d5ffe4c0448a7a6d
edbab9e2 Bittrex transfer 168.990 GBG to
b9b763f7 Bittrex transfer 171.990 GBG to
c9647d11 Bittrex transfer 64.990 GBG to
be68de8c Bittrex transfer 45.990 GBG to
ba0ec210 Stone transfer 104 GBG to debd05fe0f7540109ee
94db3e45 Bittrex transfer 210 GOLOS to optimist from coinbank with respect
16bf11f4 Kulturagolosa transfer 455 GBG to ab375ffb4fcd48feb22
35ab7ccf Koscheyka transfer 69.560 GBG to 1db1075a1761420b946
a97818ae Bittrex transfer 2,857 GBG to
f64c4f74 Bittrex transfer 2,053.883 GOLOS to
7fe034a1 Irenmade transfer 118.500 GBG to d5cc3555cbbf4a949ba
233b854c Sept transfer 10,000 GOLOS to e09a356822b143ebaa4
3f5ca58a Yefet transfer 0.583 GBG to 29a800339ed348388a2
318138b8 Dicov transfer 45.175 GBG to 100e067db79146bd850
e9164703 Vp golos est transfer 245 GBG to 100e067db79146bd850
f442bd20 Bittrex transfer 3,649.991 GOLOS to
4a6235bc Bittrex transfer 109.839 GOLOS to
aacd8601 Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
aacd8601 Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
764e5c77 Varya davydova transfer 153.791 GBG to d84d243905cb4869954
1cb76512 Whiskardi transfer 11.578 GBG to 936c2e476e064bafb1d
b3dc2f8d Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
b3dc2f8d Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
6d3e5692 Bittrex transfer 199.990 GOLOS to b72cb13583b4375fbaf7022ec4aab46a
a6e54218 Irinadob550 transfer 131.861 GBG to dd375ba7925a45b6a15
c534cd4d Bittrex transfer 33.064 GOLOS to 4.289 STEEM
e915c2c4 Stranniksenya transfer 247.913 GOLOS to 6fa45c526bb149f690f
06901e0e Stranniksenya transfer 1,017.582 GBG to aa9a61a5740240adae2
780a9649 Krancheg transfer 1,975.883 GOLOS to a1e441487d464c2ab73
ab1295ea Gusaru transfer 2,000 GOLOS to bda3ef0fb0044bbe9f4
30b77212 Gusaru transfer 178.700 GBG to 39d7ea8c82ea4622946
87654b8d Ksantoprotein transfer 100 GOLOS to 1eb9420f19f641a4a6b
35cefbb3 Dmilash transfer 1,269.400 GOLOS to a9cdea6c0c2340c3bf8
4933a308 Dmilash transfer 94.699 GBG to 38b03b545bf641ae9a2
da0e5ff9 Redhat transfer 3,500 GBG to eb30dfcc3f4b4f4aa24
e36fe356 Multitool transfer 45.628 GBG to df7df9122d9442dcaf3
93fc7562 Yefet transfer 7.112 GBG to 29a800339ed348388a2
ae7f970f Limnade transfer 584 GOLOS to bf7f8267e3e94f5c820
d6901216 Bloknot russia transfer 2.746 GOLOS to 7cccd632d68c41be985
0dbb5d95 Sergeystillavin transfer 0.002 GOLOS to 7cccd632d68c41be985
b4e79eb0 Mariyazki transfer 4.512 GOLOS to 7cccd632d68c41be985
a5f12b24 Vasilisapor2 transfer 600 GBG to 7578b9d0b53243fbb4d
a71cecd6 Goshawalker transfer 21.269 GOLOS to 7cccd632d68c41be985
667550a9 Sputnik i pogrom transfer 2.494 GOLOS to 7cccd632d68c41be985
2725ba3e Putopelatudo transfer 0.022 GBG to 557703f3cf0d40c389f
203c3a1d Putopelatudo transfer 0.004 GOLOS to 7cccd632d68c41be985
a4f0f427 Bittrex transfer 139.990 GBG to
aebcbef4 Amiroleka transfer 7.041 GOLOS to d9a4f774186149b3ace
99a5fe7e Bittrex transfer 999.990 GOLOS to
de6d5b70 Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
de6d5b70 Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
b18e6967 Bittrex transfer 177.389 GOLOS to
1ac6c9fb Nekromarinist transfer 27.650 GBG to e58068f448a44028832
41d7108a Snaryaga transfer 1 GOLOS to c3f690fbfc5f4e5dbab
bd2076c8 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
2c1c762d Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
b3d8fd4c Fair transfer 43.557 GOLOS to 5b2d283ef35f4818a96
46122ce5 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
545f2905 Bittrex transfer 49.990 GBG to
70b026e9 Vp postroi ka transfer 18.600 GBG to 866d9a9612ae4005a6e
cd238654 Vp bodyform transfer 59.150 GBG to 866d9a9612ae4005a6e
6799cca3 Bittrex transfer 57.090 GOLOS to GLS7VsxFiWLLRtudSTcfCpXTMCXkBm37G5HbEu7MHGpeXMi5ZDpcn
5c5637cd Istfak transfer 56.454 GBG to 866d9a9612ae4005a6e
5b388efc Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
5b388efc Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
aaba1901 Ksantoprotein transfer 100 GBG to b8dc3c642f5d456b99f
3e49fd41 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
a9263751 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
393ee002 Sept transfer 1,357.144 GBG to d4f8a39c8b4344528d1
133aeb26 Bittrex transfer 320.520 GBG to
1a3c27c8 Shkiper transfer 11.539 GBG to c99f013ae08e441f9c0
58322761 Primus transfer 1,000 GBG to e55d734149984bb49a2
2d075c4f Bittrex transfer 99.990 GOLOS to
ebecfdbe Ksantoprotein transfer 90 GOLOS to 1eb9420f19f641a4a6b
b731ceac Wedge transfer 583.505 GBG to 7ec6ec8200f3469998b
4f4957b5 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
b3de07e4 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
0ff8ad03 Fair transfer 1.386 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
f6493546 Vasa transfer 5.469 GBG to 3c1d5ffe4c0448a7a6d
cfa5689d Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
ed28e2b4 Fair transfer 116.922 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
c2ca2027 Vasa transfer 66.247 GBG to 3c1d5ffe4c0448a7a6d
fdeaee01 Avanik transfer 8.440 GBG to 5e771d3ddeab476ea88
395f4511 Booster transfer 250 GBG to 01f3d3b8d36a4ae4a9c
395f4511 Booster transfer 750 GBG to 1d7e93b4a2ed41e3961
2ca46b65 Aleksandraz transfer 31,336.001 GOLOS to 0c96396bf62b4dfebc8
6ae521e6 Bittrex transfer 199.990 GOLOS to b72cb13583b4375fbaf7022ec4aab46a
3c887c54 Lil4a transfer 131 GBG to cb32d27d9c8e4d71bd7
e7259193 Bittrex transfer 999.990 GBG to out
3460c750 Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
5e777977 Bittrex transfer 99.990 GOLOS to
ad3d856f Nims55 transfer 146.120 GBG to d5cc3555cbbf4a949ba
cfd12fb2 Sinte transfer 420 GBG to 768aea828ee04e1ea96
dc74378e Cos transfer 0.001 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c
347ab766 Fair transfer 276.819 GBG to 7d6facd82f364e23b0c